The Importance of Having a Modern Reception Desk

The Importance of Having a Modern Reception Desk

Your office reception says a lot about your business and correct landing zone can make a real difference. In this post, we will take a look at why the reception area is so important and some practical steps for improving it.

The Benefits of a Fantastic Reception

Think of your office reception as your shop-front. It should set the tone for your entire business. Reception is your chance to make a good first impression on visitors – so you better make it count!

Fantastic Reception Sofa

A clean, tidy and well-designed reception desk, run by a friendly reception staff can help:

– Make sure that clients and customers see your business as professional.

– Enhance productivity by improving the work ethic of staff members.

– Create a positive and productive atmosphere in the office.

– Increase sales and customer service.

Practical Steps to Creating the Right Reception

Although every organisation is different, there are some guidelines that all companies can follow when creating reception areas.

1. Separate Reception space

The first step is to ensure you have a space dedicated to reception. Ideally, it should be  separate and away from the rest of your office. This will minimize distractions and disturbances caused by visitors.

2. The right desk

Every office needs a reception desk and it’s vital to invest in high quality right product. Not only will it provide a place for your receptionist but will also provide a focal point to the room, and act as a piece of design in its own. At Boss’s Cabin, we offer modular reception desk, which can be configured in various combinations and shapes depending on  your office area.

3. Comfortable seating

Seating is also an integral part of reception. A dedicated area where your guest can sit and wait. This will make them feel welcome.

The correct visitor seating can also enhance the appearance of the space. You’ll find a wide range of visitor chairs at Boss’s Cabin, in a range of colours, designs and price to match your office and budget.

Visitor Chair - Office Sofa

A table with some magazines or a TV screen can help to provide entertainment to keep them occupied until you’re ready for them.

Small Table

4. Promote Goodwill

Reception is a great place to promote your brand values and achievements. Placing  award certificates and hanging photographs or posters promoting your company and products in your reception area can be an effective sales tool.

You can also leave a copy of your company newsletter or magazine on display, so visitors can learn more about your business. If you’ve recent articles in relevant publications, leaving them on your reception table is a great way to promote your brand.

Visit Boss’s Cabin and  find thousands of different office desks, office chairs and storage solutions, ideal for creating the right office reception. All our office furniture is designed by the prestigious Red-Dot award winning team of German architects.

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