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Designing workspace with millennials perspective

Planning And Designing A Modern Office

In a fast changing digital world the old ways of doing business is getting outdated with every passing day. We all know that we need to be in sync with the times about how we run our business. However, do we also know that our office environment should also be in keeping with current trends […]

Restructure Your Office With Stylish Modular Furniture Designs

Restructure Your Office With Stylish Modular Furniture Designs

To get more out of work, you need an environment that caters to the fast pace of innovation and exchange in ideas. Modular office workspace provide you with the most stylish furniture and designs which complement your office space. Such designs are highly appealing, super functional and saves your office space. As modular offices are […]

Introduction to Modern Office Furniture

Modern office furniture is elegant and clean. It does not look like the old traditional furniture. It makes your office space sleek rather than cluttered. Because of the modern way of thinking, people nowadays prefer their furniture to be sleek, clean and presentable. And heavy dark traditional furniture with dull appearance makes user feel low […]

Stimulating Office Workstation Designs

At Boss’s Cabin we understand the changing landscape of workspaces. The importance of open space that encourages collaboration are paramount. They can not only help improve employee’s productivity and morale but also have the advantage of reducing costs in both space and energy consumption. We recognize that supporting emerging technologies are essential to solve complex […]

Ergonomically Organize Your Workstation Furniture

While many people are aware of the dangers of sitting for long periods of time and poor working posture that can cause injuries, there are still many people whose furniture is poorly coordinated. It’s not enough to simply buy ergonomic chairs or adjustable desks for your staff and expect a dramatic improvement in productivity or […]