Tips to Design Your Office Conference Rooms

Tips to Design Your Office Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are most visited places in an office, but are often overlooked in design and style. Wouldn’t it be great to add a sense of style in the conference rooms and make it look attractive? With our expertise in the domain, we at Boss’s Cabin are able to offer our customers a full range of Conference Tables. Designed considering the professional outlook, a productive work environment as well as industry standards and norms.

Here are few tips to revamp office conference room –

Basic Color Scheme

You can style conference room with elegant walnut or cherry finished conference table with complementing walls. It add to the esthetics of the room without much decoration. Although you can select the color of your choice, you should see the color combination and then do the decor for the conference room.

Walnut Conference Table

If you are using a darker conference table, choose a light or pale shade for the floor and medium tones for the walls so that the office color look balanced.

Improving The Decor

Conference room with a shiny table looks wonderful and classy. Shiny-Conference-Table An LCD or a screen for projector on one wall adds more style to the professional space. You can also use glass walls for all the four side or just one glass wall to create a well lit environment.

Glass is versatile and you can use it for any conference room to make it appear beautiful and practical at the same time. Glass makes conference rooms look elegant and allows light to come in, making the space appear bigger and brighter.

Selecting The Table

At Boss’s Cabin, Conference tables are available in a variety of shapes which may fit into a room very well and these shapes can actually influence the mood of your conference room. For example, a round table keeps everyone on an equal footing and fosters collaboration. A rectangular table, however, can put a person at the head of the group and establish a hierarchy within the conference room. Boat shaped conference table is another option which is becoming more common and allow a mixture of hierarchical positioning and collaboration.

Curved Conference Table A curved conference room would make your office look trendy. It matches with the idea of modern decor, making employee happy too.

Getting The Blend

Blending tones has been a hit when it comes to furniture. To create a unique style conference room for your office, you can choose the combination of Steel and glass. Totally versatile and beautiful, this combination will add a sense of style to your office space. Such conference rooms look great when made in a corner of a big room.


Use steel with different surface finish to mix with glass. If you are using frosted glass, use darker finishes for a beautiful appeal.

Shortlisting a Theme

Having a theme for the conference room would be a great idea if you want each area of your conference room to look well integrated. For example, if coffee is your interior theme, you can use different shades of coffee – brown and cream.

When you go for themes, use proper lighting and colors to add a classy touch.

Keep Proportion in Mind

A common mistake people make when selecting a conference table is – compromising with the proportion of the chairs that will be used at the table. Avoid pairing your table with chairs that are too large as it makes people feel cramped and too close together or chairs that are too small or too short as it makes people feel overwhelmed by the conference table.

Boss’s Cabin Office Conference Tables

Boss’s Cabin Office furniture is known for being one of the best that is available in the market. Our conference tables are made using the finest raw materials and advanced machinery. They have a smooth finish, commendable durability and powerful construction. Additionally, its elegant design makes the product highly demanded for in the market.