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Modern Office Interior Design: Creating a Productive and Inspiring Workspace

The design of an office can have a significant impact on the productivity and wellbeing of employees. With the advent of modern technology and new ways of working, the traditional office design is undergoing a radical transformation. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the key features of modern office interior design and how they […]

modern seating arrangements in reception areas

Importance Of Guest Seating In Your Office

When a visitor walks into your office the first place they encounter is the visitors’ or the waiting areas of your work place. And yes your guests notice what they’re sitting on. It not only creates an initial impression about your company and its work culture, it also tells them how important you are for […]

Designing workspace with millennials perspective

Planning And Designing A Modern Office

In a fast changing digital world the old ways of doing business is getting outdated with every passing day. We all know that we need to be in sync with the times about how we run our business. However, do we also know that our office environment should also be in keeping with current trends […]

Best Suitable Chair for Students

Best Suitable Chair for Students

A Modern Computer Chair or Wooden Chair which is the best chair for students? Let us help you with this. We believe Modern Computer Chair is best. Why? You will find students sitting most of the time either at school or at home. They need to sit and study at school and they continue sitting […]

Classy & Comfortable Office Furniture from Boss’s Cabin

Bringing Design To Work: Latest Trends In Office Design

In today’s day and age, given the number of hours devoted to work and the amount of time spent in an office makes the role of an office design very important. Work space experimentation with the changing of landscapes or layout can lead to contributing to the success of the business. It has become essential […]

Need a Desk? Boss’s Cabin has the Furniture you Want

Need a Desk? Boss’s Cabin has the Furniture you Want

Infrastructure matters, whether it is your home or office. Quality desk are crucial for the work productivity. When investing in desk make sure about picking up the best option according to your needs and budget. Old, worn out office furniture and an interior design can send your clients straight out to other companies. Boss’s Cabin […]

Restructure Your Office With Stylish Modular Furniture Designs

Restructure Your Office With Stylish Modular Furniture Designs

To get more out of work, you need an environment that caters to the fast pace of innovation and exchange in ideas. Modular office workspace provide you with the most stylish furniture and designs which complement your office space. Such designs are highly appealing, super functional and saves your office space. As modular offices are […]


How Professional Chairs Add to Your Luxury

Having a greenwich chair at your workplace, the thought itself makes you feel royal. Wondering eh?? When comes to luxury and royalty at a workplace, professional chairs stand out from the usual office chairs. Professional chairs score more in terms of aesthetics and functionality. They are designed using cutting edge technology and feature advanced ergonomics […]

Modern Furniture

Inspiring Clients with Modern Office Furniture

Imagine you are entering into an office, full of colors and filled with positive and creative energy. Everywhere you look, you find glass-topped office tables, color laminated desks with luster, open modular workstations, fit and comfortable furniture. This is how you can impress your clients, to create a place with modern office furniture. This resembles […]

Know About Best Materials for an Executive Desk

Executive desk conveys your approach to business, it reflects the reputation or image of a particular organization. Most offices always find it challenging to get appropriate material for executive desks. When going for high-quality office furniture, what matters most is material. Durability and longevity of the furniture depends on the material used in furniture manufacturing […]