Lido Workstation System

A modern and versatile modular workstation system that has an open feel of a desking system while also providing the privacy, space division and wiring functionality of a panel type system. Lido's versatility lies in its adpatable forms and a varied choice of combinations and configurations. With Lido you can not only create open shared work spaces but also create an entire office with options for cabin desk, conference tables, cabinets and more.

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Sleek Leg Profile Options

Lido comes with various leg options to complement your taste and aesthetic sense. The facet cut profiles come in straight, loop, and slanted with overlapping dual tone spliced styles. The different leg styles are all desingned to capture a contemporary vibe while mainting a balance in form and function.

Choice of Different Tabletops

Based on your workstation layout plan you can choose from a range of different worktop shapes like linear, L shape, 120 degree and butterfly shape tabletops.

Complete Wire Management

Lido comes with elaborate wire management capability that can cater to any networking needs that your organization may have. The vertical support panels combined with below the tabletop raceway ensure a clutter free workspace with its concealed trunking system.

Choose Your Screen

Unibody desktop and aluminum-slot desktop can be matched with screens made of different materials. Felt partition screens can be chosen from different colors to complement the theme of your interiors . Also, semi-enclosed screens can be opted to control the relative degree of privacy or openness desired.

Flexible Storage System

The storage pedestals can also be combined with above the desk shelf option which also doubles as a divider between two workstations. The storage pedestal can be either fixed or free standing as per your preference.


Product Code Depth Width Height
DU60A.GJ 1200 mm 1200 mm 750 mm
DU61A.GJ 600 mm 1200 mm 750 mm
DU66AL.CG 1428 mm 1428 mm 750 mm
DU67A.CG 2828 mm 1428 mm 750 mm
DU69A.CG 2828 mm 2828 mm 750 mm
DU56.GJ 2332 mm 2692 mm 750 mm
DU57.GJ 2692 mm 4664 mm 750 mm
DU52 1200 mm 1800 mm 750 mm
DU77 1400 mm 1400 mm 750 mm
DU76 1000 mm 1000 mm 750 mm
D1200 mm
W1200 mm
H750 mm
D600 mm
W1200 mm
H750 mm
D1428 mm
W1428 mm
H750 mm
D2828 mm
W1428 mm
H750 mm
D2828 mm
W2828 mm
H750 mm
D2332 mm
W2692 mm
H750 mm
D2692 mm
W4664 mm
H750 mm
D1200 mm
W1800 mm
H750 mm
D1400 mm
W1400 mm
H750 mm
D1000 mm
W1000 mm
H750 mm
S-10C Cromona Oak
S-28 Red Apple Fruitwood
S-29 Moonlight White
S-37 Virginia Walnut
S-43 Cass Walnut
S-50 Maple
Gray Aluminum Frame
Lavendar Felt
Royal Blue Felt
Multiple Colors Fabric
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