About Our Products

What material do you use in making different types of furniture?

Most of our wooden furniture ranges like office desks, conference tables, cabinets etc are manufactured using the highest quality of E1 grade MDF, hard wood and natural wood veneer that impart a rich and luxurious look and feel to the furniture. There are also some product ranges that are made with laminates instead of veneer. (Read the section below to know more about laminates and veneers and other materials) The material used in our upholstered furniture like chairs and sofas ranges from high quality genuine leather to fabrics to artificial leather in some cases.

What is MDF?

Medium density fiber board (MDF) is a high grade, composite material that performs better than solid wood in many areas. Made from recycled wood fibers and resin, MDF is machine dried and pressed to produce dense, dimensionally stable sheets. Its smooth, controlled surface allows it to be easily painted, carved, rounded and applied with wood veneers and is a world standard for manufactured furniture.

Why MDF and why not solid wood?

Isn’t solid wood the best choice? This is a question we’re frequently asked and you may be surprised that the answer is “not necessarily.”

Often used as a substitute for hardwoods, MDF or medium density fiber board is generally believed to be a lower quality material. However, in many cases MDF is actually stronger and more stable than hardwoods. Since it’s an engineered material with no natural grain, it can be used without worry of cracks or splitting. Because it’s easily worked by saw, MDF is often needed to produce the detailed curves found in highly ornamented furniture and its smooth, controlled surface allows it to be easily painted or applied with wood veneers.

Another consideration is cost; here, too, MDF is often a better value. Solid wood is often more expensive and sometimes is not as readily available. MDF’s smooth and even surface allows paint and veneer to be easily applied to it which allows it to replicate the finish of most popular hard wood designs at a lower cost. It is definitely a substitute, but one which provides a host of unique benefits which cannot be replicated by hard wood products.

What is the life and durability of your products?

Our products are designed tested and manufactured in advanced state-of-the-art facilities using the highest grades of materials and technology. With a little care and maintenance they can last you for as long as you use them.

What are veneers? And how are they different from laminates?

Veneers are thin layers of wood cut from a tree that give a piece a more uniform natural exterior and appearance. Because they are natural wood they are richer and luxurious in their look and feel than a laminate which is an artificial substitute.

Not just the pretty face of your wood furniture, veneers can enhance durability while allowing you to create a consistent look in your office. Applied to the surface of other wood materials, Veneers can also increase the life of a piece by preventing the wood from expanding and contracting. Caused by changes in temperature, this contraction can cause solid wood to split over time. Since veneers are glued in strips of opposing grain patterns, they help stabilize the wood and prevent it from shrinking. The end result is a durable, high-quality piece that looks great.

About Order, Shipping, Delivery & Installation

Can I order by phone?

You can place an order by telephone by calling 044-42030741/044-24617933 between 10.30 am and 7.00 pm Monday through Saturday.

Do you ship, deliver and install at my location?

Yes. In order to provide superior customer experience it is a constant and ongoing endeavour on our part to deliver and install at your location anywhere in India. However installation and delivery may not be available for certain locations and for certain products due to multiple reasons. Please check the shipment and installation availability for your location while placing your order.

Can I assemble the products myself?

All our products are packed and shipped in easy-to-install knocked down condition. They can be self assembled or may require a little bit of assistance which your local carpenter can easily do with the help of the instruction manuals that comes with all the products. However, for larger items, larger quantities and projects we have our team to deliver and install across India. A nominal fee may be charged depending on your location and the size of the order. Call us to discuss your installation requirement and get an instant estimate.

What is the estimated delivery time?

Your order is processed immediately upon completion of the online transaction and shipped within 7 working days. The actual delivery depending on your location, the quantity of your order and the type of item being shipped may take another 7 to 10 days. Generally the deliveries are much faster for smaller items which can be shipped through our network of courier services. For larger and heavier items like office tables, conference tables etc. that need specialized packing and transportation, it may take a little longer. On an average you can expect your deliveries within two weeks.

What is ‘Fast Delivery’

Items tagged with ‘Fast Delivery’ are items that are in stock and that can be shipped within 7 working days.

Can I place an order and request a delayed delivery on a future point in time?

Yes you can request for a future delivery date that is convenient to you and we will ship the item to you so that it reaches you around the date indicated by you.

About Projects and Customization

How can I customize, coordinate and order furniture for my entire office/project?

We specialize in taking up entire projects that involve a very high degree of involvement and coordination and customization. From working closely with the architects to on-site planning and markings to auto-cad based planning to deliveries and installation at site, we take up complete projects and give you the right solutions. Call us with your floor plan and discuss your requirements with us to offer you different possibilities, finishes and the best possible solution for your budget and needs. +91 9840713200/9840713201

Can I place an order for items that are not in stock? What is the delivery period for such orders?

Sometimes a product may be out of stock or may not be immediately available. For such products you have the option of paying a 60% advance and placing an order. Our delivery periods range from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the quantity and the type of products being ordered. Call us for further details on order and delivery details of the specific product.

What is the delivery lead time for customized pre-orders?

A lead time of 6 to 8 weeks is required for such orders.

Cancellation and Returns

Can I cancel an order?

Unless cancelled on the same day cancellation are not allowed once an order is placed.

What if I receive a damaged product or if the product is different from the one ordered?

If you have received a product that is damaged or is different from the one you ordered please notify us immediately by calling our customer care numbers. If the complaint is genuine and legitimate we will initiate a replacement immediately. We require that the following terms and conditions are complied with when returning a product that needs to be replaced.

  • An immediate replacement will be provided in case of the product having any manufacturing defect or damage.
  • In the event of non availability of replacement we will process a full refund within seven days of receipt of the returned item.
  • The product should be unused.
  • We will pick up a product that you wish to return from your doorstep; however locations where we do not have reverse pick up facility, we may request you to self-ship the product to us in its original packing.
  • Returns against the damaged/defective product will be accepted only if notified within 24 hours of delivery.
  • Refunds will be processed within a maximum of 7 business days of receipt of the product provided goods are received in acceptable condition. The mode of refund will be based on the mode of payment chosen at the time of placing the order.
  • The returned products are subject to verification and checks by Boss’s Cabin in order to determine the legitimacy of the complaint. If the complaint is not legitimate the product cannot be returned.

About Payment Options

What different payment options are there?

There are multiple payment options, which you can use including online and offline


You can make your purchase payment with credit card, debit card or online fund transfer.

  • Credit Card: All Visa, Master and American Express Credit Cards are accepted
  • Debit Card: All Visa and Maestro Debit Cards are accepted
  • Online Fund Transfer: You can choose from all major banks in India to transfer money


Offline payments can be made with cheque, RTGS, cash deposit or money transfer through Western Union. Customers making offline payment should contact Boss’s Cabin on 044 42035741 and confirm his/her payment modalities.

About Care and Maintenance

What’s the best way to care for and maintain different types of furniture?

Please read our Care and Maintenance guide for a complete understanding of routine furniture maintenance.

About Privacy and Security

Is it safe to use debit card/credit card on your website?

Bossescabin.com has sophisticated encryption and authentication tools to protect the security of your credit card information, and we will do our best to protect its security on our systems. Specifically, every page in the bossescabin.com ordering process that requests credit card information uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which is designed to render information unreadable should anyone try to intercept it.

Is my card detail and account information stored or shared with others by Boss’s Cabin?

Bossescabin.com does not store your credit card information or share it with others.